"Deal or No Deal": This is the week

It is a lovely spring day today in London, so I took the opportunity at lunch time to take a quick walk from my client's offices in Whitehall through Parliament Square and along the front of the Palace of Westminster.  The now-familiar pro- and anti-Brexit camps were starting to assemble in advance of this afternoon's proceedings.

There was quite a bit of movement over the weekend just gone so far as Brexit is concerned and some further moves are emerging as today progresses.  I therefore thought I would set out my predictions about how this week may progress.  

Here goes:

  1. Teresa May's Brexit deal will finally get voted through this week on the basis that many MPs believe that if it doesn't Brexit won't happen at all.
  2. A short, tactical extension of Article 50 (of around three months) will be agreed with the EU27 before the weekend.
  3. Teresa May will be replaced by Dominic Raab relatively soon after the deal is done.

That's my starter for ten.

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  • So it would appear that I got that a bit wrong!

    I have no idea what will happen next and have decided to be an observer for now. 

    I remain disappointed and let down by how ineffective and detached from reality our policians are at present.

  • ... and then Bercow sticks his oar in!

    Bercow to May

     I may ultimately be a week early with my prediction but it stands nonetheless. 

    Theresa May warned she cannot hold another vote on same Brexit deal
    The House of Commons Speaker cites a more than 400-year-old rule, which has not been used since 1920.
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